China Professional Ceramics Factory

Jasde, established in 2011, is located in China's reputable ceramic city Zibo, China. Jasde is a professional factory of China ceramic tiles, Inkjet fully polished tiles, Inkjet Matte Finish tiles, inkjet Soft light tiles, inkjet rustic tiles, Inkjet Anti-Slip Brick, Inkjet wall tiles, Inkjet floor tiles, Wear resisting tiles, ceramic tiles, Mosaic tiles, Sanitary ware. The factory has been specialized in manufacturing and distributing series ceramic ranging from full polished tiles,rustic tiles, wall tiles and sanitary ware in the increasingly competitive ceramic industries.

Art Works Rather Than Products
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What's Happening with Jasde
In addition to the new generation of consumer products with a unique personality pursuit, but for the use and price of the product has more demand, quality is the basic elements of corporate communica
Internet information age has arrived, but many companies are unable traditional tiled rapid transformation is confusion among the tiles for many businesses to adapt to the moment the most important th
Although all understand innovation to adapt to the requirements of the times, but the tile market truly enterprises are in the minority, many companies are to follow suit and plagiarism among innovati
In recent years, with increased industry reshuffle, survival of the fittest in a certain extent, promoted the development of the ceramic tile industry, but at the same time, the surge in internal and
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